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Educational Consultant
Based in Gloucestershire

Specialising in Behaviour as Communication and ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences), with a wealth of experience in Safeguarding and considering the wellbeing of staff, families and children (0 to 18 years), For The Child are the experts to contact, who will provide a wealth of knowledge and understanding, as well as up to date information, tailored specifically to your needs.

Unlike other Educational Consultants, For The Child can help reduce fixed term suspensions and exclusions, increase attendance rates, and work collaboratively between the home and school, whilst applying their wealth of experience and understanding. They also have first-hand experience of the challenges being faced in schools.

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"Very professional, extremely helpful and very insightful. Sam helped us to consider things about children that we hadn't spotted withing our own observations. Sam is very good at what she does, completely impartial and non-judgemental and just a very flexible and kind person!"

Mrs E Tomlins, Deputy Headteacher & Inclusion Lead
Winchcombe Abbey Primary School, Gloucestershire
March 2022

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